Jizhou Shipping Co., Ltd was established in2003 with its headquarter in Hong Kong. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the principle of “customer first” and “concentrating on Fujian with both specialization and segmentation in the market”. The company is now providing weekly container liner service between Fujian and Japan, calling Xiamen, Fuzhou, Mizhushima, Osaka, Yokohama,Tokyo and Nagoya etc.

     Two container vessels fully owned by the company “Ji Feng” and “Ji Peng” and self-owned containers are employed, together with the refer containers, flat rack containers and various kinds of other special containers, to ensure quality service to the customers.

In order to upgrade its service, Ji Zhou Sipping has set up either as full investor or main shareholder several companies such as Fuzhou Kaihong Logistics Co., Ltd, Ji Peng (Fuzhou) Ship Management Co., Ltd, Ji Tong (Fuzhou) Shipping Agency Co., Ltd and Fujian Hua Long Logistics Co., Ltd. These facilities in the field of cargo forwarding, shipping agency, trucking and container depot enable the company to provide an overall service, including booking, warehousing, stuffing and destuffing, insurance, port clearance, documentation and in-land trucking, building up an elaborate and intensive market and service network.

The company has also gained solid and generous support from its customers, the ports called and relevant companies and departments. This ensures the company’s success and steady development and the high market share despite the acute competition in the container liner market between Fujian and Japan.
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